About us

Established in 1998, Travel Pro Dot Com Co., Ltd. (Travel Pro) started its business as a software developing company. For the period of 10 years, the company has gained trustfulness from more than 300 corporate customers in travelling business. Our IT team is very capable and proficient to support all of our customers without delay.


Restaurant Management is also one of our specialized areas. Under our “PROPOS” department, we offer the customers a fully integrated and reliable Restaurant Management System (RMS) powering by the “iGourmate”, the world class Window based POS system, which has been proved by leading hotels and restaurants worldwide on its reliability, security, useful functions and friendly usage.
In terms of services, all of the staff in our support team has good and deep knowledge in most dimensions of the products. Our PROPOS staff was directly trained by Infrasys International Limited, the developer of the iGourmate RMS, whose H.Q. is situated in Hong Kong.


In spite of a software vender, we intend to build long term relationship with our customers and the highest satisfaction of the customers is our main goal.