• Windows-based  • Reliable & Secure

• Various Operation Modes


IGourmate POS Solution covers developing distributed enterprise applications using the Windows platform, extending existing data and external applications to support the Internet, and supporting a wide range of client devices maximizing the reach of an application.


Our proposal applies IGourmate POS Solution to support the new F&B enterprise platform. According to the requirements described in the requirement specification,


We offer the following business benefits:

• Full-featured of F&B solution using flexible enterprise architecture.

• Low total cost of ownership by taking advantage of commodity hardware and software.

• Enterprise scalability through incrementally adding commodity servers and outlet (domestic and International)

• Flexibility and open standard data format by taking advantage of industry-leading component software architecture.

The following section provides executive summary and subsequent sections explain in more detail how delivers these benefits.


iGourmate POS is a choice for the hospitality solution when the restaurant is considering to put in the best practice standardization for its new and existing food and beverages outlets, and with many supporting modules for present F&B requirement and future expansion.


iGourmate is based on Microsoft windows platform and is current using MT-815 POS (touch screen) hardware equipment and Epson printers.

MT-815 POS

(touch screen)

Epson TM88IV
thermal printer

Infrasys provides direct product support to the hotel and restaurant chains, with local services through its consultants.


Infrasys is the hospitality solution leader in the food and beverage industry with more than 80,000 POS installations across 30 countries in Asia Pacific region. iGourmate POS supports smart card and credit card approval operations.


This preliminary proposal from Infrasys would address to the business needs in the following



• iGourmate POS is a ready solution

• iGourmate POS supports Thai (multi-languages) and touch screen operation.

• iGourmate POS supports mobile operation (iPod touch, WiFi connectivity) for the individual outlets and also support the headquarters reporting requirement.

• iGourmate supports Vision that cater to headquarter data handling and web reporting.

• iGourmate supports Central Menu that gives cuisine pricing control and ease of update for multiple outlets situation.


In addition to the iGourmate POS, Infrasys hospitality solutions can bring forth more F&B service satisfaction to the patronizing guest in their future expansions, such as:

• GourmateHQ for A web-based platform, centralizes all data from different outlets and products.

• GourmateMenu to support the multi-media meal menu and wine list through the iPad.

• GourmateMobile to support instant ordering through iPod touch.

• GourmateLink for web booking, with additional mobile apps in Android and Apple iOS version.

• GourmateLoyalty for membership reward / bonus point (online redemption) system with POS and CRM integration.

iGourmate POS Solution

for the F&B outlets

The proposed iGourmate POS is a touch screen work station for Restaurants, together with guest check thermal paper printer (especially for barcode printing application in e-invoice).

iGourmate is the most cost effective Windows based POS solution which is ideal for small and medium sized café and different types of quick service restaurants including Thai Restaurants, Japanese, Western and Chinese Restaurants. With low cost of ownership, iGourmate ensures fast return on investment and increase in operational efficiency while improving customer service and profitability.


Key features:

• Restricted authority setting

• Embedded with printer redirection function ensures no miss of kitchen slip

• Kitchen/ bar control function - transferred food order to kitchen directly

• Allowed to split the guest check

• Various kind of payment methods and support the foreign currency calculation

• User definable interface

Thin-Client Architecture

for Data Security

iGourmate is an advanced version of POS application with many enhanced features at a lower cost. iGourmate provides the CRM capability that allows restaurants to boost profit by improving the customers' loyalty. The intuitive interfaces of iGourmate make the system easy to use and shorten the time for operation. In addition, iGourmate is a Window/Linux combined


POS solution with Windows operating system at the back-end server and Linux operating system at the workstation front-end. This thin client/server design reduces workloads at the workstations while ensures the stability and reliability of the server.


iGourmate is built under the thin client architecture which ensures security of application system and database. Hence, no business data would be lost in case of accidental hardware failure as the program is maintained in the computer server. The embedded printer redirection function ensures no miss of kitchen slip while RAID disk support guarantees continuous operations and the safe keeping of the data storage.

Easy to Manage in

Window-based environment

With Windows-based, iGourmate provides an easy-to use graphical user interfaces so the process of order taking can be speeded up and service is enhanced as well. The advantages of Windowbased also can be shown in the administration. User can login and manage in the administration platform easily.


Graphical Floor Plan Shows with Real-Time Table Statu

This powerful function can display multiple floor plans/sections in an outlet. Various table status are indicated by different color, hence it will eliminate human errors and increase productivity.


Switch of Various Operation Modes

Gourmate supports Fine Dining, Quick Service and Home Delivery modes switching. Operators can switch between modes instantly, for example, restaurant can switch from Fine Dining mode to Quick Service mode if a customer is ordering take away at the restaurant as they do not require a table. This is extremely useful for small restaurant which operates in sit in, take out and home delivery service.


Multi-Language Capability

iGourmate supports almost all languages with its Unicode-enabled design. It supports multiple languages in guest check and kitchen slips as well as operation screen at dining room and kitchen. English is set as the primary language while Thai and one other additional language can be added.

Embedded with

printer redirection function

The built-in printer driver make iGourmate very reliable in terms of sending orders to the kitchen. In the case that one of the kitchen printers does not work properly, the printing order will be automatically redirected to another printer. The order will never be dropped out during the way.