A Service-Oriented Architeture



HERO is a one-stop hospitality platform with service-oriented architecture that simple combines POS, reservation, membership and menu on one platform. An extremely agile and scalable platform, it is suitable for single restaurant to international group with many outlets around the world.

Hero Platform

( Cloud Data Centre )


Functions & Features


Centralized Multiple Outlets & Modules Management

HERO platform centralizes different hospitality modules like POS, menu, reservation. Different modules provide different services. You can install or upgrade any module based on your outlets' needs easily. What's more? It eliminates the integration of systems, streamlines administration work and allows you to manage all outlets simply on one user interface.


Centralized Database

Data collected by different modules can be maintained in one point, for example, members profiles which no matter collected by reservation, POS or loyalty module will be maintained in single member database. Therefore, a comprehensive customer behavior analysis could be generated for launching the cost-effective marketing activities. Furthermore, all common data like menu, member profile and floor plan can be shared among different modules , as a result, it reduces data redundancy and maintenance cost.


Support Tablet as POS Terminal & Mobile Ordering Device

HERO supports space-saving and portable tablet as POS terminal, so you can take and confirm the order next to the guest promptly and conveniently. Besides, it is economical and user-friendly, hence your investment cost and training time for staff can be minimized.

Suitable for Single Shop to International Group


HERO supports different levels of installation to meet different types of restaurants needs: 


1) You can subscribe our HERO cloud solution service and start your business easily with minimized investment cost. For the simplest setup, you only need one tablet as POS terminals and two printers.

2) Site server installation for single restaurant and 

3) Site server with central office server for  restaurant chains/ international groups 

No matter which solution you choose, data is real time updated on server and consolidated reports are provided



Key Function

& Features

Central Management

• System Management

• Member

• Database Configuration Setup

• User Right Management

• Central Item Count

POS on Tablet ( Mobile / Station )

• No configuration of Tablet

• Low supportburden

• Wireless Network

• Support 2nd Display

Central Report ( Multiple Outlets )

Installation Solutions

• Cloud Solution

• Cloud Solution with Local Server

• Site Server Solution


• Centralized Management, manage your outlets, modules and data on one platform easily

• Streamline administration work

• Simple & standard interface, reduce training time & cost

• Able to start your business in minimized investment cost with our cloud solution

• Space-saving and user-friendly tablet as POS

• In the long term, lower investment cost and improve business effectiveness